Best Co2 Tester Reviews & Alternatives

A co2 tester can be a great investment for those who want to simplify their work needs. With the increase in standing desk popularity, many people looking for the best co2 tester feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. From traditional co2 tester  to convertible models, the dizzying slew of choices might make you feel the need to take advantage

What are the features that make the best co2 tester? These compact and convenient co2 tester are easy to install and easy to use at the same time. And then there’s the price! Below, we’ll run through the average co2 tester cost of some of the most popular types, so you can get a good idea of where to start with your budget.

The reasons you should trust us

We recommend products in each review using an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available models on Amazon. For a product to make our list of top picks, it must hold a solid sales record on Amazon, have consistently positive customer reviews, and offer unique features, among other factors. After narrowing down our recommendations, we conduct additional research to ensure that the products meet our standards. Once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase. The following key factors are considered when analyzing:

  • The quality of co2 tester
  • Each product’s design
  • How it’s built
  • Price comparison
  • How durable [replace-keyword] is
  • Features
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Product usability
  • The functionality of the co2 tester
  • Performance of the products
  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Return policy and warranty, and more.

Best co2 tester & Features

1. Klein Tools ET110 CO Meter, Carbon Monoxide Tester and Detector with Exposure Limit Alarm, 4 x AAA Batteries and Carry Pouch Included

Features :

  • Easy-to-use CO meter detects and measures concentration levels of carbon monoxide gas
  • Portable CO detector with user protection and short-term exposure limit (STEL) alarm
  • Low level alarm (35 ppm) and high level alarm (200 ppm)
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Backlit display with CO measurements (0 to 1000 ppm) and temperature (Farenheit and Celcius)
  • Auto-power off after 20 minutes of no usage helps conserve battery life
  • Includes carrying pouch and 4xAAA batteries

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 2.16
Width 1.46
Length 7.74
Weight 0.31875

2. Indoor Air Quality 9999ppm Digital Carbon Dioxide Temperature Humidity NDIR Sensor IAQ CO2 Monitor WB DP Tester

Features :

  • Triple displays of CO2 level, Temperature (°F/ °C) and Humidity (Air, Wet Bulb, or Dew Point Info are all available)
  • Stable NDIR Sensor for CO2 Detection. Ideal indoor air quality meter for home, laboratories, hotels, etc
  • Sound Warning Alarm notifies operator when CO2 levels reach or exceed a preset threshold
  • Power Supplied by Battery (Included) or 9V Adaptor . Optional Software CD for PC Connection Online Logging is also possible.
  • Measuring Range:CO2: 0~9999ppm,(2001~9999 out of scale), Resolution : 1ppm,0.1°C/°F, 0.1%RH

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8.267716527
Width 2.1653543285
Length 2.755905509
Weight 0.440924524

3. INKBIRDPLUS Indoor CO2 Detector, Air Quality Monitor, Tester for Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity, Indoor CO2 Meter with Alarm, for Grow Tents, Wine Cellars, Homes, Cars(PTH-9C)

Features :

  • 🏕️🏕️【PREMIUM DETECTOR】 This multifunctional air quality monitor can accurately detect the current CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity in the air. It can help you understand indoor air quality at a glance.
  • ⏰⏰【CO2 CONCENTRATION STAGE & SOUND ALARM】 This CO2 detector is designed with 3 stages of CO2 concentration—normal stage (400-700 ppm), warning stage (700-1500 ppm), and dangerous stage (1500-5000 ppm). It will alarm you when the detected CO2 concentration is beyond the safe value you customized.
  • 🛣️🛣️【CONVENIENT CALIBRATION】 To ensure the accuracy of measurement, this CO2 monitor supports the calibration function. Press three buttons at the same time in an open environment and let it stand for 200 seconds to calibrate this CO2 meter easily. This CO2 detector uses the NDIR CO2 sensor.
  • 🔋🔋【LONG BATTERY STANDBY】 A 2400 mAh lithium battery is embedded inside the indoorCO2 monitor, supporting a long time of continuous use, before it adopts a large and distinct LCD screen for ease for temperature or data viewing. display based on your need.
  • 🚗🚗【WIDE APPLICATION】 A hanging hole is designed on the back of this portable CO2 detector so that you can hang it up to the wall for easy viewing. The indoor CO2 meter for grow tents is ideal for use in grow room, offices, kitchens, schools, kitchens, schools cellars, and cars.

Additional Info :

4. Air Quality Monitor, 3-in-1 Combo CO2 Moisture Meter Pollution Meter, Sensor, Tester; Detect & Test Indoor Pollution, Carbon Dioxide Detector Temperature and Humidity Indoor

Features :

  • Functions:New 3-in-1 air quality monitor for CO2 Detector,hazard assessment, temperature and humidity detection, intelligent alarm system, gas recognition algorithm, multiple anti-interference, air convection technology, greenhouse compensation calibration.
  • High-performance chip is accurate and more outstanding.
  • Carbon dioxide 1s/time real-time refresh. Using more professional infrared optical principles to accurately and quickly detect carbon dioxide.
  • Large screen design, clear and easy to see.made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.
  • Application areas: agricultural planting, greenhouse vegetables, production warehouse, raw material processing, home interior, etc.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1.3779527545
Width 2.755905509
Length 3.543307083
Weight 0.23368999772

5. CO2 Detector Semiconductor, 3-in-1 White CO2 Monitor Indoor Temperature and Humidity Tester, Air Quality Monitor for Desktop Home Car Office Room

Features :

  • 【Premium Quality CO2 Monitor】: High semiconductor and high performance chips are used inside the air quality monitor, display data in real time, more accurate and outstanding. The carbon dioxide detector is made of high-quality plastic materials, more durable and has a longer service life.
  • 【Multifunctional CO2 Detector】: The CO2 monitor indoor can detect not only carbon dioxide concentration, but also temperature and humidity, intuitively understand the air quality of breathing. According to usage habits, the CO2 monitor portable can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius display modes at any time.
  • 【Large Capacity Battery】: CO2 carbon dioxide detectors built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, can be used for up to 10 hours after being fully charged. A USB-C charging cable is included in the package to quickly charge the carbon dioxide meter.
  • 【CO2 Meter with Color Screen】: The CO2 detector with intelligent color LED screen display and has clear numbers. The CO2 sensor display is easy to identify and read and has a protective effect on the eyes.
  • 【Wide Application】: The indoor air quality monitor with compact design. The air monitor portable suitable for home, schools, greenhouses, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, factories, hotels, laboratories etc.

Additional Info :

Color White-Semiconductor
Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 5
Length 3
Weight 0.44

6. Chtoocy Portable CO2 Monitor Meter Sensor Indoor with Alarm, Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor Mini for Home Travel Camping RV Car with Temperature Humidity 400-5000 PPM – NDIR CO2 Tester Reader

Features :

  • [ Accurate & Reliable ] This device adopts high quality infrared NDIR sensor, with high measurement accuracy, respond quickly, and a resolution of up to 1 ppm that can accurately detect Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of air, measuring range 400 – 5000 ppm. Further, it can also monitor temperature and humidity in the air.
  • [ Clear LED Screen, Easy to Use ] The high-definition LED screen allows you to read data faster and more conveniently. There are 4 different color bars on the screen representing the CO2 concentration level: green is healthy, and red is dangerous. This enables quick recognition of the air quality in your surroundings. Please stand the CO2 sensor at the vent for 5-10 minutes for data calibration before using, and allow 35 seconds for the detector to sense the variation if air quality changes.
  • [ Keep Air Fresh with Sound Alarm ] An alarm will sound at 120dB when CO2 in the air exceeds 1,200 PPM, please open the window in time to ventilate or escape the scene if necessary. If the air of CO2 over 1000 PPM, people will feel uncomfortable and work/study efficiency will decrease. In addition, CO2 levels will rise in crowded places, keeping interiors ventilated is important during the virus period, our CO2 meter will remind you in real time for safety with its loud enough sound.
  • [ Portable & Long Battery Life ] With a simple and generous design, its mini size ( 2.87*2.87*0.71 in) makes it easy to carry out, and a built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery can continuously work for 8 hours, allowing you to check the air quality anytime and anywhere. This portable CO2 monitor supports USB charging and has a low battery indicator.
  • [ Wide Applications ] This mini carbon dioxide monitor is used for grow room, travel, camping, RVs, cars, hotels, parties, wine cellars, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, schools, medical rooms, agricultural planting, indoor gardens, etc.
  • [ 100% Satisfaction ] 1-year warranty and lifetime service are offered on Chtoocy NDIR CO2 Monitor. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us: we provide quick responses and friendly customer service.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 0.71
Width 2.87
Length 2.87

7. PTH-5 Portable Co2 Detector Carbon Dioxide Monitor Air Quality Tester Travel Ndir Co2 Meter Co2 Sensor,Humidity,Temperature,Big Battery Fast Calibration,for Grow Tents, Wine Cellars, Homes, Cars

Features :

  • ❤️ 【Long Standby】2400 mAh lithium battery, continuously use for 27 hours.
  • ❤️ 【High-Precision Automatic Calibration】 Full range of accurate calibration, high measurement accuracy, fast response, resolution up to 1ppm, measurement range (0~5000ppm)
  • ❤️ 【GorillaTempered Film】 The unique Gorilla Glass Tempered Film is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and improves light transmittance. Defeat the regular market service as they have only one layer of platics.
  • ❤️ 【Specially-Made Car Holder】The specially-made strong car holder firmly protects your air outlet and blades.
  • ❤️【Returnable Service】We provide one-year warranty returnable service and lifetime technical support. If you have any problems with the goods you received, please contact our support team as soon as possible.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.3
Width 3.3
Length 3.3
Weight 0.64

8. Air Quality Monitor YVELINES Air Quality Tester for CO2 Formaldehyde(HCHO) TVOC PM2.5/PM10 Multifunctional Air Gas Detector Real Time Data&Mean Value Recording for Home Office

Features :

  • MULTIPLE DETECTABLE GASES – Yvelines upgraded indoor air quality monitor built in DART electrochemical sensors that can accurate detect air of Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Formaldehyde(HCHO), Volatile Organic Compound(TVOC), Particle Matter(PM2.5/PM10). Those readings involve detection of toluene, harmful chemical substances and pollutants in the air such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide,smoke,fog,dust,alcohol,glue,paint,ink and others.
  • NEW DESIGN – Newest unique mold and design with LCD Color Screen Digital Display; it can offer mean value for each gas because long-term monitoring, the real-time data exist instability.
  • PORTABLE&2000mAn RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Size about 5.83″ * 2.76″ * 1.18″. It’s easy to carry the intelligent air quality monitor that can help us detect the gas air pollution in household, kitchen, bedroom, office, school, car, hotel, travel, camping, party etc…especially in which has baby,child and pregnant woman. Built with 2000 mAn rechargeable battery and packaged with one USB cable, the standby time can last for 8-12 hours.
  • EASY OPEARATION -This air monitor is easy to operate with just pressing the functional button, easy to read numbers and support of an alarm sound will let you know if your air is unsafe and you need to take some actions.
  • NOTIFICATION&WARRANTY – It is recommend to close the door and window when test indoor; It is need around 60 minutes for testing formaldehyde TVOC CO2 (It is just need around 3-15 minutes for testing Cabinet, drawer etc small space.). If you have any questions about our item, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will always be your site.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361
Width 2.755905509
Length 5.8267716476
Weight 0.65918216338

9. Co2 Detector NDIR, Auyeetek Air Quality Monitor Indoor Carbon Dioxide Meter Temperature&Relative Humidity Sensor Digital Pollution Tester

Features :

  • 3-in-1: Co2 Detector can monitor the carbon dioxide concentration (400-5000PMM), temperature (0-50°C), and humidity (0%-99%RH) around you in real-time, refreshing every 2s, the data is more accurate, and Built-in high-performance chip, faster detection!
  • LCD Display + Smart Backlight: Large LCD screen & smart backlight helps you to read more easily, CO2 concentration, Hcho, and Tvoc at a glance, even at a long distance! And its small size makes it convenient for you to carry it anywhere.
  • USB charging battery: Built-in 2200mAh high-capacity battery, can work for 12h, only supports 5V adapter or computer USB charging.
  • More functions: intelligent early warning system, gas recognition algorithm, multiple interference prevention, air convection technology, greenhouse compensation calibration, suitable for agricultural planting, production warehouse, raw material processing, home, school, office, and other occasions.
  • Note: Due to the unstable atmospheric environment, the sensor of this product is sensitive to the environment, and the data may fluctuate slightly!

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.44

10. Air Quality Monitor Accurate Tester for CO2 Formaldehyde(HCHO) TVOC/AQI Multifunctional Air Gas Detector Real Time Data&Mean Value Recording for Home Office and Various Occasion(White)

Features :

  • 【MULTIPLE DETECTABLE GASES】 – For everyone,It’s necessary to know the air quality of the place where you live.Upgraded indoor air quality monitor built in DART electrochemical sensors that can accurate detect air of Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Formaldehyde(HCHO), Volatile Organic Compound(TVOC). Those readings involve detection of toluene, harmful chemical substances and pollutants in the air such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide,smoke,fog,dust,ink and others.
  • 【NEW DESIGN】 – Newest unique mold and design with 5.5 inch LED Screen Digital Display; Size about 4.9” * 3.1” * 1.3”. You can directly to know the overall environment quality and track on each gas mean value to know what gas in air is unsafe and take accordingly actions.
  • 【EASY TO OPERATE】 : Just press the power on / off button 3 seconds, you can easily operate this air monitor, designed with LED digital display, can provide the average value of each gas, real-time detection of harmful HCHO and TVOC in the room.It’s easy to carry the intelligent air quality monitor that can help us detect the gas air pollution in household, kitchen, bedroom, office, school, car, hotel, travel, camping, party etc…especially in which has baby,child and pregnant woman.
  • 【2000mAh RECHARGEABLE BATTERY】Built with 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and packaged with one USB cable, the standby time can last for 8-10 hours.It is recommend you to charge 6 hours before first use and do not use it when charging or in lower battery because the data may not so accurate. Built-in low power consumption processing chip, can carry on long time uninterrupted monitoring to air quality. It will always take care of you and your family health.
  • 【KINDLY NOTE】- Please be aware this air quality monitor is for home indoor place, please kindly close door and window before testing. We do recommend using the monitor as a stationary unit and focus on long time(at least 60 minutes) mean values and overall environment quality indication.If you have any questions regarding monitor functionality or you need any assistance on how to re-calibrate the sensors, please contact us via email.

Additional Info :

Color White

Buying Guide for co2 tester

To help you buy the perfect co2 tester for your needs and requirements, we have mentioned some of the best co2 tester in this article. Not only that, but you can also learn about their differences as we have mentioned their major features and options.

To help you on your way, we’ve listed some questions you may want to consider before making any purchase.

  • Why do I want to buy this?
  • Do I need it or just want it?
  • Am I getting the best deal?
  • How often will I use it?
  • Can I pay cash for it?
  • Is it budgeted for?
  • Can I borrow it?
  • Can I get it used?

Although, if you still want to learn more about these co2 tester for buying the perfect one, we are here with a detailed buying guide just for you. Since this buying guide is related to co2 tester, you can find many major features and aspects related to co2 tester. Thus, you can easily choose the perfect one by going through this article until the end.


The co2 tester should last more than one use and hold up against normal wear and tear. We recommend reading the product description before purchasing co2 tester to ensure they’ll last a while. Additionally, pay attention to the wash instructions.


When choosing the best co2 tester, you must consider its versatility.  It is important to make sure that your unit can be used for performing different tasks.

For instance, if you need to use your unit for other purposes in any other materials, getting the one with a versatile design will be an ideal option for you.


The brand is another crucial factor you must consider while looking for the co2 tester.  You will find both well-known and unknown brands in the market. If you are looking for a reliable and durable model, I recommend getting one from a well-known brand.

They use high-quality materials and the latest technology to manufacture their products.  As a result, you will be able to get a durable and long-lasting co2 tester.

Ease of Use

While choosing the co2 tester, you must ensure that it is easy to use.  It is important to get the one that comes with a user-friendly design.


As a result, you will be able to use your unit for a long time without facing any discomfort.  Also, getting the one that comes with an easy-to-use design will help you save a lot of time and effort.


The price is another essential factor you must consider while looking for the co2 tester.  You need to get the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Getting the one that comes at an affordable price will help you save a lot of money.  However, you must ensure that it meets your needs and requirements perfectly.


The co2 tester should be easy to carry for you. Therefore, consider the size, style, design, and all the other basic features to check for the actual portability of the device. Portability comes with comfort and ease, and you need to look for all the features to look for a suitable co2 tester.


The price of your co2 tester will depend upon its features and the overall quality. There are some inexpensive options in the market, but they may not have the best features.

The term ‘budget’ is broader because it completely depends on the user who wants to purchase the co2 tester. In this case, you can prepare a list of all the features you want to have in your co2 tester. Then, look for the product that comes with these features and works well.

After that, you should carefully check the prices of each air compressor machine on your list. This will give you a precise idea about the budget you need to prepare for the co2 tester you should go after.


It is important to consider your unit’s weight while working in congested areas. Getting a lightweight model will be ideal if you need to work regularly in difficult-to-reach places.

However, if portability is not your concern and you are looking for a durable model, you can go for the one with a little heavyweight.


The warranty of co2 tester is when the manufacturer offers free repairs or replacements for any damages that occur to the product.

You need to check the warranty of co2 tester before buying it, as you don’t want a product that doesn’t come with a warranty.

At the same time, you also need to remember that some co2 tester come with a longer warranty than others, so select one with a long warranty if possible.

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