Best Corn Humidity Tester Reviews & Alternatives

A corn humidity tester can be a great investment for those who want to simplify their work needs. With the increase in standing desk popularity, many people looking for the best corn humidity tester feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. From traditional corn humidity tester  to convertible models, the dizzying slew of choices might make you feel the need to take advantage

What are the features that make the best corn humidity tester? These compact and convenient corn humidity tester are easy to install and easy to use at the same time. And then there’s the price! Below, we’ll run through the average corn humidity tester cost of some of the most popular types, so you can get a good idea of where to start with your budget.

The reasons you should trust us

We recommend products in each review using an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available models on Amazon. For a product to make our list of top picks, it must hold a solid sales record on Amazon, have consistently positive customer reviews, and offer unique features, among other factors. After narrowing down our recommendations, we conduct additional research to ensure that the products meet our standards. Once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase. The following key factors are considered when analyzing:

  • The quality of corn humidity tester
  • Each product’s design
  • How it’s built
  • Price comparison
  • How durable [replace-keyword] is
  • Features
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Product usability
  • The functionality of the corn humidity tester
  • Performance of the products
  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Return policy and warranty, and more.

Best corn humidity tester & Features

1. Digital Multifunctional LCD Grain Moisture Meter Water Content Analyzer Smart Sensor Use Probe Humidity Tester for Wheat Corn Rice Bean Peanut Soybean(No Batteries Included)

Features :

  • 【Product Description】:This grain humidity tester can quickly measure the water content of 14 varieties of grain such as wheat corn rice peanut soybean and more
  • 【Product Specifications 】:Measuring range:7.5-44% (Rapeseed, Sesame, Soymeal, Seed Cotton); 10-50% (Soybean, Peanut); 11-50% (Barley, Rice, Sorghum, Watermelon Seed); 11-55% (Paddy, Wheat); 11.5-50% (Corn, Feed)
  • 【Product Feature】:The probe humidity tester is designed with a speaker on the back of the meter, which can report the measuring reading. It has high precision dual rod steel probe which is durable in use
  • 【Large & Clear Display】:This grain moisture meter has LCD backlight display, it is convenient to read measuring data at darkness
  • 【Excellent Design】:Ergonomically design non-slip handle fits the palm well

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.93700787
Width 3.93700787
Length 7.87401574
Weight 0.7275254646

2. AMTAST Smart Grain Moisture Meter Grain Moisture Tester for 17 Grains Wheat Maize (Corn) Coffee Bean Flaxseed Soybean Rice Cocoa Bean Almonds Peanut Sesame Moisture Testing

Features :

  • Applications for 17 Kinds of Grains Moisture Testing: Wheat, Maize (Corn), Japonica rice, Indica rice, Soybean, Rice, Sorghum, Rapeseed, Millet, Peanut, Barley, Sunflower seed, Coffee bean, Cocoa bean, Sesame, Flaxseed, Almonds.
  • Multi point calibration, large range error correction.
  • Automatic weighing and temperature compensation.
  • LCD Display. Quick and convenient readout with accurate data.
  • Low power consumption, 1x 9V battery can use one year, automatic shutdown.

Additional Info :

Color 17 Different Grains

3. Portable Digital Grain Moisture Meter, Compact Rice Corn Wheat Tester Analyzer- Range 5~30%, Temperature -14~140°F with LCD Display, Hygrometer Humidity

Features :

  • Measure temperature of food at the same time, can measure 8 food: Paddy, wheat, barley, forage, corn, rapeseed, soybean, rice
  • Quickly measure grain’s moisture content & temperature, portable and convenient for use, Microcomputer technology(CPU) provides the exact measurement
  • ATC, Grain moisture standard setting and excessive moisture tip
  • Large LCD screen, Moisture standard setup, Overflow alert, Backlight control, Selectable °C/°F, Data hold,  Auto power-off & Low batt indication
  • Suitable for grain purchase, storage, processing and so on

4. Digital LCD Tools Moisture Meter, Grain Humidity Tester For Wheat Corn Paddy

Features :

  • Microcomputer technology (CPU) makes the measurement more accurate.
  • It has automatic temperature compensation function.
  • The data is clear, no parallax.
  • Tested grain types: wheat, paddy, rice, maize.
  • Automatic reading lock function and auto display low voltage prompt symbol.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 0.393700787
Length 0.393700787
Weight 0.9700339528

5. Huanyu Hay Moisture Meter TK100 Multifunctional Fibre Moisture Meter 0-80% Probe Humidity Tester Portable Water Content Analyzer for Tea Corn Straw Bran Soybean Meal Grains Chinese medicine

Features :

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The newly designed moisture meter with extensive probes suits to many materials moisture content testing, just as Wood Fiber, grains, Hay,Straw, Bran, Chinese traditional medicine and other FIBRE materials. With a wide working range, the probe-type sensor can be deeply measured inside the material.
  • AUTOMATIC COMPENSATION: Adopt temperature and humidity compensation technology and realize through resistance operation, with higher measurement accuracy and better stability.
  • QUICK MEASUREMENT: The moisture meter TK100 can replace the traditional oven method, using the relationship between moisture content and resistance to effectively, quickly and accurately measure the moisture content. The whole moisture determination process takes less than 1 minute and immediately displays the measured value, which greatly saves the precious time of the inspectors.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT&LCD DISPLAY: Small size, light weight, strong anti-interference performance, can be carried on the spot for quick detection. Backlit LCD display technology, clear display and low power consumption.
  • MORE OUTSTANDING FEATURES: 1.Alarm function, maximum value hold; 2.Automatic shutdown and power saving function; 3.Customizable RS232/RS485/USB/Bluetooth data transmission.

6. AMTAST Integrated Grain Moisture Meter, Handheld Moisture Tester for Rice Corn Wheat Millet, Humidity Analyzer with Measuring Probe LCD Display

Features :

  • The microcomputer technology (CPU) achieves more accurate measurement.
  • Integrated single probe is suitable for one-hand operation. The environment temperature automatic compensation is also provided.
  • 9V laminated battery will automatically alarm when battery voltage is lower than the specified value.
  • The meter is solid and exquisite in structure and consists of durable optimal electronic components and shell made of light and hard plastic with high strength (PC+ABS), beautiful, portable and easy to operate.
  • The testable grains include wheat, un-husked and husked rice and corn.

7. Grain Moisture Meter Portable LCD Display Digital Accurate Humidity Tester with Measuring Probe for Wheat Corn Paddy Hygrometer

Features :

  • ACCURACY: Microcomputer technology (CPU) makes the measurement more accurate.
  • LCD DISPLAY: The data is clear, no parallax.
  • TESTED GRAIN TYPE: wheat, paddy, rice, maize.
  • ATC FUNCTION: It has automatic temperature compensation function.
  • HUMANIZED FUNCTION: Automatic reading lock function and auto display low voltage prompt symbol.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 0.393700787
Length 0.393700787
Weight 0.9700339528

8. Digital Digital Grain Moisture Meter Hygrometer Grain Measure Moisture Humidity Tester AR991 Use for Corn,Wheat,Rice,Bean,Wheat Flour Fodder Rapeseed Seed Easy to read

Features :

  • Product size: 80 x 43 x 425mm
  • Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)
  • Measuring principle : Resistance method
  • Product net weight: 254g
  • Resistance alarm setting: preset 10 (adjustable)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.440924524

9. AgraTronix 05100, MT-PRO+ Portable Grain Moisture Meter

Features :

  • Direct readout for 40 different grain scales and 2.5” LCD display with selectable large or standard size fonts
  • Automatically averages selectable number of tests and stores average calibration for all grains tested
  • Fastest tests results available from any handheld tester
  • USB port for personalization (adding user name), grain scale, firmware and diagnostic updates
  • Two 9V batteries required

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 50
Width 100
Length 100

10. Hay Moisture Meter, 5-49.9% Grain Humidity Tester Portable Water Content Analyzer Digital LCD Tools Moisture Meter for Cereal Straw/Wheat/Corn/bran/Forage Grass

Features :

  • 【Voice Prompt】This digital grain moisture tester supports voice prompt mode and silent mode, providing more convenience.
  • 【LCD Backlit】This hay moisture tester probe adopts LCD backlit for clearer data display and easier understanding in dark environment.
  • 【High Accuracy】This corn moisture tester adopts carbon steel probe to ensure highly sensitive and accurate measurement.
  • 【Portable Size】This hay tester is portable in size and light in weight, you can take it to wherever you want.
  • 【Easy Operation】This humidity tester is easy to operate, just inserting the grain and you can get the result.

Additional Info :

Color defult

Buying Guide for corn humidity tester

To help you buy the perfect corn humidity tester for your needs and requirements, we have mentioned some of the best corn humidity tester in this article. Not only that, but you can also learn about their differences as we have mentioned their major features and options.

To help you on your way, we’ve listed some questions you may want to consider before making any purchase.

  • Why do I want to buy this?
  • Do I need it or just want it?
  • Am I getting the best deal?
  • How often will I use it?
  • Can I pay cash for it?
  • Is it budgeted for?
  • Can I borrow it?
  • Can I get it used?

Although, if you still want to learn more about these corn humidity tester for buying the perfect one, we are here with a detailed buying guide just for you. Since this buying guide is related to corn humidity tester, you can find many major features and aspects related to corn humidity tester. Thus, you can easily choose the perfect one by going through this article until the end.


The corn humidity tester should last more than one use and hold up against normal wear and tear. We recommend reading the product description before purchasing corn humidity tester to ensure they’ll last a while. Additionally, pay attention to the wash instructions.


When choosing the best corn humidity tester, you must consider its versatility.  It is important to make sure that your unit can be used for performing different tasks.

For instance, if you need to use your unit for other purposes in any other materials, getting the one with a versatile design will be an ideal option for you.


The brand is another crucial factor you must consider while looking for the corn humidity tester.  You will find both well-known and unknown brands in the market. If you are looking for a reliable and durable model, I recommend getting one from a well-known brand.

They use high-quality materials and the latest technology to manufacture their products.  As a result, you will be able to get a durable and long-lasting corn humidity tester.

Ease of Use

While choosing the corn humidity tester, you must ensure that it is easy to use.  It is important to get the one that comes with a user-friendly design.


As a result, you will be able to use your unit for a long time without facing any discomfort.  Also, getting the one that comes with an easy-to-use design will help you save a lot of time and effort.


The price is another essential factor you must consider while looking for the corn humidity tester.  You need to get the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Getting the one that comes at an affordable price will help you save a lot of money.  However, you must ensure that it meets your needs and requirements perfectly.


The corn humidity tester should be easy to carry for you. Therefore, consider the size, style, design, and all the other basic features to check for the actual portability of the device. Portability comes with comfort and ease, and you need to look for all the features to look for a suitable corn humidity tester.


The price of your corn humidity tester will depend upon its features and the overall quality. There are some inexpensive options in the market, but they may not have the best features.

The term ‘budget’ is broader because it completely depends on the user who wants to purchase the corn humidity tester. In this case, you can prepare a list of all the features you want to have in your corn humidity tester. Then, look for the product that comes with these features and works well.

After that, you should carefully check the prices of each air compressor machine on your list. This will give you a precise idea about the budget you need to prepare for the corn humidity tester you should go after.


It is important to consider your unit’s weight while working in congested areas. Getting a lightweight model will be ideal if you need to work regularly in difficult-to-reach places.

However, if portability is not your concern and you are looking for a durable model, you can go for the one with a little heavyweight.


The warranty of corn humidity tester is when the manufacturer offers free repairs or replacements for any damages that occur to the product.

You need to check the warranty of corn humidity tester before buying it, as you don’t want a product that doesn’t come with a warranty.

At the same time, you also need to remember that some corn humidity tester come with a longer warranty than others, so select one with a long warranty if possible.

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