Best Personal Breath Tester Reviews & Alternatives

A personal breath tester can be a great investment for those who want to simplify their work needs. With the increase in standing desk popularity, many people looking for the best personal breath tester feel overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. From traditional personal breath tester  to convertible models, the dizzying slew of choices might make you feel the need to take advantage

What are the features that make the best personal breath tester? These compact and convenient personal breath tester are easy to install and easy to use at the same time. And then there’s the price! Below, we’ll run through the average personal breath tester cost of some of the most popular types, so you can get a good idea of where to start with your budget.

The reasons you should trust us

We recommend products in each review using an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available models on Amazon. For a product to make our list of top picks, it must hold a solid sales record on Amazon, have consistently positive customer reviews, and offer unique features, among other factors. After narrowing down our recommendations, we conduct additional research to ensure that the products meet our standards. Once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase. The following key factors are considered when analyzing:

  • The quality of personal breath tester
  • Each product’s design
  • How it’s built
  • Price comparison
  • How durable [replace-keyword] is
  • Features
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Product usability
  • The functionality of the personal breath tester
  • Performance of the products
  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Return policy and warranty, and more.

Best personal breath tester & Features

1. BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | DOT & NHTSA Approved | FDA 510(k) Cleared | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use

Features :

  • #1 RATED BREATHALYZER BY WIRECUTTER – “After 65 hours of research, which included getting intoxicated at a police station to test personal breathalyzers alongside law enforcement equipment, we’re sure the BACtrack S80 is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest-to-use personal breathalyzer that you can buy.” – TheWirecutter, February 2017
  • PRACTICAL & EASY TO USE – Blow for 5 seconds and your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. Alcohol tester breathalyzer AA battery powered, comes with 6 reusable mouthpieces. Wait 15 minutes after consuming alcohol for the most accurate result.
  • THE MOST ACCURATE BREATHALYZER AVAILABLE – In your efforts to drive more responsibly you need the most accurate results. While some breath testers give inconsistent readings and leave you wondering what your true BAC reading is, BACtrack breathalyzers will always give you police grade accuracy.
  • DOT APPROVED IN ALL 50 STATES – FDA 510(k) CLEARED – A portable alcohol tester designed to surpass the most rigorous standards of expert alcohol screeners, from roadside law enforcement to hospital and treatment professionals. Response Time 3 Seconds

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 4.8
Width 0.8
Length 2.3
Weight 0.35
Release Date 2009-04-14T00:00:01Z

2. QTlier Portable Breathalyzer with LCD Digital Display for Personal, Professional-Grade Accuracy,Breath Alcohol Tester with USB Rechargeable(with10 mouthpieces)

Features :

  • ✅ACCURATE TESTING: This alcohol tester is composed of advanced high-precision nanotechnology sensor, which can accurately feedback your actual situation on top of the LCD display, and can be used with family, friends. It can be used as a New Year gift and Christmas gift for family and friends.
  • ✅PORTABLE BREATHALYZER: The professional breathalyzer is only 126x51x23mm, and weighs only 90g, which is very convenient to carry on the go out and it can easily be put in the bag and car.
  • ✅TIME SAVING AND CONVENIENCE: Environmental protection and energy saving, no need to replace the battery regularly, reduce the pollution of the environment, the device comes with a USB cable allows you to charge in multiple areas, and always observe the power display. Save time cost.
  • ✅EASY TO USE: After you get the product insert the mouthpiece into the mouthpiece insert slot, long press the start button, after the “Beep” sound the product turns on and the screen shows “WAIT” and starts counting down, when the countdown to zero, the screen shows “START”, take a deep breath and keep blowing for 5 seconds, then wait a while and the data will be displayed.
  • ✅PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If you encounter any problems in the use of the process, please contact us in a timely manner, our after-sales team will provide you with the best quality service to help you solve the problem, customer recognition is our biggest goal.

3. BLO Alcohol Breathalyzer & Mouthpiece | Portable Breath Tester with Digital LCD Screen & Fast, Accurate Blood Alcohol Content Result | 10 Disposable Mouthpieces for Clean BAC Testing | Includes Bag

Features :

  • 🚦 PERSONAL DIGITAL BREATHALYZER: This reusable alcohol tester kit (with a FREE carrying bag) monitors your Blood Alcohol Content to ensure you’re safe to get behind the wheel or to take a cab!
  • ⏳ FAST, ACCURATE RESULTS: Designed using a sensitive sensor system, our portable alcohol tester tells you if you’re over the legal limit & automatically alarms if you’ve exceeded 0.05% BAC.
  • ✨ DISPOSABLE, HYGIENIC MOUTHPIECES: Every Blo breath alcohol tester comes with 10 clear BPA free mouth tips that make it easier to quickly test & dispose without sharing the same tip every time.
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE: Simply ensure you have inserted batteries, then just attach a mouthpiece, press the start button to initialization countdown & finally blow for 3-4 seconds once “blo” displayed.
  • 🔋 WIRELESS & BATTERY POWERED: This approved set uses two AA batteries (not included) so you can keep it powered up and ready to use. Replace the batteries as needed for long-lasting support.

Additional Info :

4. Alcohol Breathalyzer Portable Breath Tester – Amacam AT-01 Accurate Digital Display Convenient Lightweight Pocket Design A Must if You Drive the Next Day after a Night out Drinking. Be Safe Not Sorry.

Features :

  • ⭐️ EASY TO USE: This very portable breath tester can be with you at all times. Keep it either on your keyring, handbag, purse or on your belt hook.
  • ⭐️ DURABLE COMPACT DESIGN: The AT-01 has been designed with the you the motorist in mind.
  • ⭐️ ACCURATE READINGS: This tester has been used and appreciated as a premium product by motorists in the USA and around the world.
  • ⭐️ LARGE LCD SCREEN: The background light helps you to see the read-out clearly. So avoiding any confusion and keeping you safe to go.
  • ⭐️ DIGITAL ALCOHOL BREATHALYZER: This is the latest in breathalyzer design. Plug and Play. Not complicated to set-up

Additional Info :

5. FFtopu Breathalyzer, Accurate Portable Digital Breath Alcohol Tester with Blue Backlight LCD Display for Personal & Professional Use with 5 Mouthpieces

Features :

  • 🍺【HIGH PRECISION】:This Alcohol Tester adopted high-precision semiconductor alcohol sensor, just need only 5 seconds can give a result to judge whether you can drive or not
  • 🔋【EASY TO USE】:Just press the power button for 2 seconds to start the professional breathalyzer, wait for 20 seconds for warming-up, then blow with the tester for 5 seconds, the result will be ready after 3 seconds, and it will be displayed on the LCD screen for 15 seconds.(2 AA battery needed–not included)
  • 🍷【5 REPLACEABLE MOUTHPIECES】: This alcohol tester comes with 5 replaceable mouthpieces, and there are 2 embedded mouthpieces at the back of the product. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to take mouthpiece when you are out.
  • 🥂【PORTABLE DESIGN】: This professional alcohol breathalyzer just need small space, can be easily carried in your wallet or pocket everywhere.Great for wedding, parties, feast or other social activities, ensures your safe driving after drinking.
  • ⚠【WARM TIPS】:There is a protective film on top of our product that can be torn off! It will give you an alarm by exuding the beep when the result is higher than 0.050% BAC or 0.500‰ BAC. AND The measurement range of each unit is 0〜0.199%BAC,0〜1.99g / L,0〜O.999mg / L,0〜199mg / 100M L,0〜1.99%oProm.

Additional Info :

Color Black

6. FoodMarble AIRE | Personal Digestive Breath Tester Device Only | Easily Monitor Your Gut Health | Track and Discover Food Sensitivity | FSA/HSA Eligible

Features :

  • As featured on CNN, the FoodMarble AIRE is the world’s first portable breath tester and connected app to help you find the foods most compatible with your unique digestive system.
  • The FoodMarble App on iOS or Android records your fermentation scores, you can log your foods, track your symptoms, stress and sleep and test your tolerability to individual foods.
  • Based on validated science: Hydrogen breath testing has been used by doctors for years but has been confined to hospitals. We have designed our device to allow you to test at home. If you are undergoing medical treatment for digestive issues, it’s best to consult your doctor to see if this device is suitable for you.
  • Personalized: Certain foods can lead to a build-up of gases in the gut, leading to bloating and other discomforts for those with IBS or food intolerances. AIRE enables you to measure gas levels (specifically, hydrogen) in the gut to track how food is being digested
  • FSA/HSA Eligible: Includes FoodMarble AIRE Breath tester and micro USB charging cable (The 6-Week Discovery Plan and FODMAP testing kit is sold separately for those who want to test and track their response to FODMAP foods)

Additional Info :

Color Device Only

7. Breathalyzer – JondKeile Alcohol Test USB Rechargeable, High Precision, LED Display Auto Power Off, Sound Alarm, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use

Features :

  • ✨DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: Alcohol tester using professional airway designs and high-precision semiconductor sensor design, it can accurately display the alcohol content of blood within seconds.Breath alcohol detector provides you with highly accurate test results, numerical value value reliably, blue background light Easy to read even at night.
  • ✨COLOR DISTINCTION AND SOUND WARNING: Warning Sound and Versatility: The warning sound will vary depending on the degree of drunk. Drinking status: warning sound Drunk: Warning sounds rapidly. Not only is it great for home use, but also for businesses (taxi companies, railway companies, sales companies, bus companies, etc., where alcohol checks are required to prevent drinking driving), before driving, the next morning of drinking parties, parties, birthdays, and New Year’s celebrations.
  • ✨CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Breathalyzer tester Compact, Fingerprint & Stain Resistant: Weighing only 1.5 oz (39 g), this drinking detector is easy to grip and easy to carry. In addition, the ergonomic design is not only stylish, but also comfortable and slip-resistant.
  • ✨EASY TO USE:(Hall Switch Design) Clamshell design. One hand operation allows for easy inspection. When the lid is closed, the machine is powered off and sealed from air, dust and bacteria. Safer, more hygienic, and healthier. Open the cover to turn on. Prevents the machine from accidentally touching the button After each use, switch this instrument to power off and place it in its own storage pouch
  • ✨PACKAGE INCLUDES: Alcohol breathalyser includes: 1 Alcohol tester, 5 Mouthpieces. BUILT-IN BATTERY & LONG LASTING PRODUCT 5000 TIMES , no need to buy batteries separately. You can measure it immediately when you receive it. Built-in 300mAh battery provides 600 hours of use with full charge. With the type-c charging port, you can charge your car, home laptop or even power bank. You can also measure the residual alcohol in the body even in the morning of hangover.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.7086614166
Width 1.2992125971
Length 4.2519684996
Weight 0.1

8. BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy | DOT & NHTSA Compliant | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use

Features :

  • POLICE-GRADE ACCURACY – Powered by BACtrack’s platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor, the Trace utilizes the same police-grade technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and even law enforcement. These professional organizations trust BACtrack breath alcohol testers because they know they are getting the most accurate and reliable BAC results possible, every time they test. The Trace can detect trace amounts of alcohol, reliably handles high BAC levels and is accurate to the third decimal place, Sensor Accuracy + or – 0.005 at 0.050 percentage BAC
  • SIMPLE, ONE-BUTTON OPERATION – The BACtrack Trace is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the two included AAA batteries, power on your breathalyzer and begin testing. It’s that easy. Your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. It’s convenient and practical built-in flashback memory saves the last 10 BAC readings for later reference.
  • DOT/NHTSA APPROVED – The BACtrack Trace was designed to meet the rigorous standards of expert alcohol screeners, from roadside law enforcement to hospital employees and treatment professionals. Designated by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as an approved breath alcohol screening device, the Trace is also listed with FDA as a medical device, making it the top choice of safety-conscious individuals seeking a portable breathalyzer for home use.
  • SMALL & PORTABLE SIZE – The Trace is BACtrack’s smallest professional breathalyzer, making it easy to take with you anywhere you go. Measuring just 4.25 x 1.875 x 0.625 inches, it’s smaller than an iPhone 5, and easily fits in a purse or pocket. Test yourself and friends, or a family member. From individuals, parents and college students to dinner party hosts or bar employees, the Trace really is perfect for anyone looking for a quick, easy and reliable way to test their BAC.
  • The warm up time is 10-20 seconds and the blowing time is 5 seconds

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.625
Width 1.87
Length 4.25
Weight 0.19
Release Date 2015-03-19T00:00:01Z

9. ZBK Breathalyzer Rechargeable | Professional-Grade Accuracy | Portable Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal & Professional Use Professional, Drivers Home Use

Features :

  • High sensor for accurately test —  The breath alcohol tester also provides you a reliable and stable result within 1.76% deviations every time when you test, good for Personal, Professional, third part organization, drivers, Party, families in household partiesuse,trusted by hospitals, clinics  and even law enforcement
  • THE MOST ACCURATE BREATHALYZER AVAILABLE – In your efforts to drive more responsibly you need the most accurate results. While some breath testers give inconsistent readings and leave you wondering what your true BAC reading is ZBK breathalyzers will always give you police grade accuracy,Escort for your safe driving
  • PRACTICAL & EASY TO USE – Blow for 3-5 seconds and your BAC results are displayed 10 seconds later on a bright, easy to read LCD screen. Alcohol tester breathalyzer Lithium batteries battery powered, comes with 5 reusable mouthpieces. Wait 13 minutes after consuming alcohol for the most accurate result
  • a portable alcohol tester designed to , A professional alcohol tester,from roadside law enforcement to hospital and treatment professionals. Response Time 5 Seconds , making it easy to take with you anywhere you go; Measuring just 5.3x 1.875 x 0.625 inches, it’s much smaller than an iPhone, and easily fits in a purse or pocket
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Designed to read thousands of times with accurate results every time. When used correctly, testing 13 minutes after eating or drinking, ZBK will last for years. All ZBK Alcohol Tester also come with a full one year warranty, should any issues arise

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361
Width 1.574803148
Length 5.118110231

10. BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer (White) | Ultra-Portable Pocket Keyring Alcohol Tester for Personal Use

Features :

  • QUICKLY & EASILY ESTIMATE YOUR BAC – Proprietary Advanced MicroCheck Sensor technology delivers reliable, accurate BAC results you can trust.
  • EASY TO USE – One button operation means you simply power on your Go keychain breathalyzer and begin testing in seconds. It’s that easy!
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE – The ultra-compact BACtrack Go breathalyzer keychain easily fits in a pocket or purse, making it a great portable breathalyzer for any occasion.
  • OPTIMAL BREATH CAPTURE – The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes into the alcohol tester, while other airborne pollutants are kept out.

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 2.4
Width 0.55
Length 1.45
Weight 0.13
Release Date 2014-07-14T00:00:01Z

Buying Guide for personal breath tester

To help you buy the perfect personal breath tester for your needs and requirements, we have mentioned some of the best personal breath tester in this article. Not only that, but you can also learn about their differences as we have mentioned their major features and options.

To help you on your way, we’ve listed some questions you may want to consider before making any purchase.

  • Why do I want to buy this?
  • Do I need it or just want it?
  • Am I getting the best deal?
  • How often will I use it?
  • Can I pay cash for it?
  • Is it budgeted for?
  • Can I borrow it?
  • Can I get it used?

Although, if you still want to learn more about these personal breath tester for buying the perfect one, we are here with a detailed buying guide just for you. Since this buying guide is related to personal breath tester, you can find many major features and aspects related to personal breath tester. Thus, you can easily choose the perfect one by going through this article until the end.


The personal breath tester should last more than one use and hold up against normal wear and tear. We recommend reading the product description before purchasing personal breath tester to ensure they’ll last a while. Additionally, pay attention to the wash instructions.


When choosing the best personal breath tester, you must consider its versatility.  It is important to make sure that your unit can be used for performing different tasks.

For instance, if you need to use your unit for other purposes in any other materials, getting the one with a versatile design will be an ideal option for you.


The brand is another crucial factor you must consider while looking for the personal breath tester.  You will find both well-known and unknown brands in the market. If you are looking for a reliable and durable model, I recommend getting one from a well-known brand.

They use high-quality materials and the latest technology to manufacture their products.  As a result, you will be able to get a durable and long-lasting personal breath tester.

Ease of Use

While choosing the personal breath tester, you must ensure that it is easy to use.  It is important to get the one that comes with a user-friendly design.


As a result, you will be able to use your unit for a long time without facing any discomfort.  Also, getting the one that comes with an easy-to-use design will help you save a lot of time and effort.


The price is another essential factor you must consider while looking for the personal breath tester.  You need to get the one that fits your budget perfectly.

Getting the one that comes at an affordable price will help you save a lot of money.  However, you must ensure that it meets your needs and requirements perfectly.


The personal breath tester should be easy to carry for you. Therefore, consider the size, style, design, and all the other basic features to check for the actual portability of the device. Portability comes with comfort and ease, and you need to look for all the features to look for a suitable personal breath tester.


The price of your personal breath tester will depend upon its features and the overall quality. There are some inexpensive options in the market, but they may not have the best features.

The term ‘budget’ is broader because it completely depends on the user who wants to purchase the personal breath tester. In this case, you can prepare a list of all the features you want to have in your personal breath tester. Then, look for the product that comes with these features and works well.

After that, you should carefully check the prices of each air compressor machine on your list. This will give you a precise idea about the budget you need to prepare for the personal breath tester you should go after.


It is important to consider your unit’s weight while working in congested areas. Getting a lightweight model will be ideal if you need to work regularly in difficult-to-reach places.

However, if portability is not your concern and you are looking for a durable model, you can go for the one with a little heavyweight.


The warranty of personal breath tester is when the manufacturer offers free repairs or replacements for any damages that occur to the product.

You need to check the warranty of personal breath tester before buying it, as you don’t want a product that doesn’t come with a warranty.

At the same time, you also need to remember that some personal breath tester come with a longer warranty than others, so select one with a long warranty if possible.

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